At The Library

Saturday morning
in library foyer
newspaper shelves on
a long wall overlook
reading tables. On
Saturday breakfast
table – toaster, bread,
spreads, tea, coffee
milk sugar teaspoons
knives, electric kettle.
Happy people.

Computers at other
end people tapping
keyboards, checking
emails, internet,
printing out posts
for WordPress blogs.

Comfortable armchairs
along a wall under the
windows ………….cosy.
Middle aged man
leans back, head back
jaw dropped, arms limp,


At The Library


Little brother says it is a
motorbike. He shows his mother,
pointing to the markings on its
sides, outlining the mouldings,
the markings of a motorbike.

On lengthening legs he flies
off down the drive at top speed.
His sisters’ little pink tricycle
is now a fearsome motorbike !

Brm Brm !  Brm Brm !  Brm Brm !


Mowing The Lawns

For little brother’s second birthday
Nana remembered Uncles joy with
his second birthday gift of a toy
lawn mower. She gave little
brother a lawn mower too.

As Mum grappled to detach its
parts from its box, assemble them,
little brother struggled to wrestle
it out of her hands. At last the
lawn mower was assembled, little
brother walked off,  slowly and
steadily, just like Dad, mowing lawns.

Brm Brm !   Brm Brm !   Brm  Brm !

Little brother has the Brm Brm !
gene on his Y chromosome.

Mowing The Lawns

Flying Starfish

Fast forward horizontal flying
starfish leap on to the giant
bean bag at the foot of the wall.


Crashed into the wall, nearly
through the wall to see Mum in
the next room trying to rest.

His sisters play different games
on the giant bean bag but little
brother wants to do big
high flying jumps on to it.
In time he will learn to judge
the distances, avoid the wall.

Little brother has the belly flop
gene on his Y chromosome.

Flying Starfish

Morning News

A sociable time at Friday mornings’
junior assembly as the five and six
year olds sing songs, show their
best work, receive awards for
best of the week, report special
news to the children, to parents,
babies, toddlers sitting at the back.

One Friday morning Grandma brought
in Tessa, telling the teacher she
would collect her after school as her
new baby sister was born yesterday.

What special news ! giving Tessa
her award the teacher beamed,
said Tessa has important news !”

Tessa was indeed excited, reported
“Mummy had the baby on the
wash house floor !” The children
looked puzzled as their mothers
shrieked, laughed, finally recovered.

It does help for the teacher to get
the back story behind the news.

Morning News


An ominous sign on our fence
“Flat To Let (Number three)”.
“Oh no !” said number four.
“Who are our new neighbours ?”
She had heard stories of previous
tenants’ upheavals on our quiet
little block on our private driveway.

Tales of cigarette butts all over
a flat’s garden strip, a large circle
of young males smoking who
knew what on the driveway
contemptuous of us around them.
Tales of smoke pouring out from
a plastic plate sizzling on  a stove
element. I called the fire service
then the property manager who
ordered steam cleaned carpet and
curtains which meant moving
possessions out to the carport,
then back inside again.

These occurrences ceased after
visits from the police. We heard
the laddish tenant was detained
inside walls at Her Majesty’s will.

My calls to the property manager
made me most unpopular. Let’s
hope my reputation preserves
us from such further neighbours.


Packing Up

In our middle flat the young
couple were so excited to get
their own house on the nearby
military base still close to town
for her good job as he started
his military job after his training.

So exciting to pay a low rent,
to save for their own home,
a wedding, a honeymoon even.
They rejoiced over their new future.

Before they move they face a
large hurdle. Their carport
storage locker is jam packed
with car parts, mechanics’ tools,
oils, sprays, cleaners all flowing
out into the cabinet in the carport
and boxes beside it, topped by
two huge piles of spare tyres….

….all to be packed up aw well as
the usual household contents.

Packing Up