An ominous sign on our fence
“Flat To Let (Number three)”.
“Oh no !” said number four.
“Who are our new neighbours ?”
She had heard stories of previous
tenants’ upheavals on our quiet
little block on our private driveway.

Tales of cigarette butts all over
a flat’s garden strip, a large circle
of young males smoking who
knew what on the driveway
contemptuous of us around them.
Tales of smoke pouring out from
a plastic plate sizzling on  a stove
element. I called the fire service
then the property manager who
ordered steam cleaned carpet and
curtains which meant moving
possessions out to the carport,
then back inside again.

These occurrences ceased after
visits from the police. We heard
the laddish tenant was detained
inside walls at Her Majesty’s will.

My calls to the property manager
made me most unpopular. Let’s
hope my reputation preserves
us from such further neighbours.


12 thoughts on “Neighbours

  1. It sounds like a Fraternity house…what a pain. Luckily with my house we have good neighbors …It’s always the luck of the draw…I lived in a fourplex and I ended calling the police 5-6 times in the year. The woman was being beat up horribly. Last time the cops came they thanked me for calling..The boyfriend had almost killed her. Dropped a lazy boy chair on her. The whole time a 5 year old hid in her closet. The other neighbors just raised up their music volume to tune out her yells. It was a horrible situation. I moved as soon as I could.Ahh…neighbors!

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    1. I own this flat, while the others are rented out, to OK neighbours since the ones described in this poem. So hopefully while the property managers do not like me at all, they will continue to make sure they do not get on the wrong side of me. It was awkward when I rang and spoke to the police.

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      1. A flat is probably most like a small apartment, I do not know what a condo is. We have five small two bedroom dwellings side by side in a long narrow one storey building along our driveway.

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      2. My mom lived in one in California..their were people that would patrol the area looking for infringements…She had a secret cacti garden in back of a bush facing a window -she was so proud of it…and terrified they’d find it and tell her to rip it out!

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