A New Home

After Alfred suddenly passed
away Rose at eighty five felt
insecure in her retirement cottage.

Alfred had led their moves to
a little low maintenance home
on to their cottage in the little
retirement village always
convincing as they shared
the work moving to new homes.

Now unexpectedly she was
alone with shaky hands no
one at home for company
companionable silences
her children grandchildren
scattered around the country
her best friends in their eighties
with elderly limits on their lives.

Practical Rose was experienced
in moving. She inspected rest
homes interviewed matrons
made her choice with her daughters
alongside. Selling her cottage she
moved into her chosen home.

I need company every day she said.

A New Home

Rest Home

In their eighties Dad needed
nursing care but Mum was
too frail to nurse him.

He moved to the rest home
down the road leaving Mum
behind missing him terribly.
She visited him every day
often stopping to talk to
other old men living there
with far fewer visits
brightening their days.

In time Dad passed away
leaving Mum in her frailty
still sorely missing him.
she could not bear to return
to the rest home she told
the matron at the supermarket.

Now the old men at the
rest home missed both
their friend and his
cheerful daily visitor.

Rest Home

Age Gap

Perplexed mother told daughter
a younger man wanted to be
her special friend. She was
old fashioned in these matters.
What to do now ?

Father had long since passed
away. Daughter thought mother
should enjoy her later years
with a special friend.

For a woman of 98 in a
comfortable rest home a man
of 92 was a suitable friend a
six year gap was nothing now.

So mother graciously agreed to
be his special friend enjoyed
three years of happiness till her
peaceful passing at 101.

Her frail younger man at 95
grieved her passing deeply, was
moved to the hospital. wing.

Age Gap


Working for a living I
ferried myself as my own
taxi driver to work, home,
friends’ places, family,
evening meetings, outings.

On my pension I walk, bus
occasionally take a taxi.
I told a few taxi drivers
good routes to take to
reduce my fare. They
objected at length so now
I use the smaller taxi
company, tactfully encourage
praise those using economical
money saving routes.

Fortunately walking and bus
timetables usually suit my days.



Many other passengers share
the poor woman’s personal
vehicle, the plus sized bus.
Travelling round the city
between long scheduled intervals
they share a chauffeur, fit
their outings and errands
around the council timetable,
walk to and from bus stops.

Yet passengers have no bills
for maintenance, tyres, no
need to negotiate traffic
lights and roundabouts or
struggle to park a car, pay
parking meters, warrants,
licences, registration.

Good compensation for
walking to bus stops.


In The Wind

Shifting shapes shades colours
flying flapping fluttering
flowing in the airy current
punctuated by random gusts
sharp breezes tugging at
corners of rectangular towels
anchored to the clothesline.
Brightly hued stripes patches
spots catching sunlight on
thick velvetty pile and
worn threadbare cloth alike.

A flowing abstract depiction
of colours caught by sunlight
on a brisk drying day.

In The Wind