Morning News

A sociable time at Friday mornings’
junior assembly as the five and six
year olds sing songs, show their
best work, receive awards for
best of the week, report special
news to the children, to parents,
babies, toddlers sitting at the back.

One Friday morning Grandma brought
in Tessa, telling the teacher she
would collect her after school as her
new baby sister was born yesterday.

What special news ! giving Tessa
her award the teacher beamed,
said Tessa has important news !”

Tessa was indeed excited, reported
“Mummy had the baby on the
wash house floor !” The children
looked puzzled as their mothers
shrieked, laughed, finally recovered.

It does help for the teacher to get
the back story behind the news.

Morning News

4 thoughts on “Morning News

    1. Thank you. The mothers present were fully aware that their own children would probably say something similar in the same circumstances, so there was some uneasiness in amongst their laughing.


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