A Lone Child

A lone five year old in the
Korean English Kindergarten
slips away from noisy boys
rough housing, only goes to the
boys’ toilet when it is vacant.
He shrinks back from his
classmates’ loud voices,
covers his eyes when lights
switch on, on a dark day.

The creatures in the rock pools
which he visits with his father
on Saturdays fill his mind,
and the facts in the rock pool
books his father buys him.
he recalls them all for his
teacher on Monday mornings
in impressive detail.

As Mrs Jenny walked past the
family car at the traffic lights
he called out, talked to her
at length in excellent English
as his father parked the car
at the kerb while they talked.

At the library his mother met
Mrs Margaret borrowing English
books for the kindergarten.
“Something is wrong with him ?”
she asked. They both cried.
Mrs Margaret told her the
word that is not mentioned,
that parental love and
Saturdays at rock pools
will buoy this child
in their own world.

They both fear for him
at the big state school
next year.

Previously posted November 2016

A Lone Child

Korean Typhoon

Down the side street
across the road shrieking
gale force winds bend
lashing trees horizontal
close to the round.
Huge gusts of rain
blast along the empty
street, cascade down
the window panes
like Niagara Falls.

The principal rings to say
the English kindergarten
will be closed this morning
as the buses are unable
to collect the children.

Oh dear ! Korean mothers
want full value for every
cent of the fees they pay
for their children’s tuition
at the private English

There will have to be a
Saturday lesson to make
up for the missed hours.

Previously posted November 2016

Korean Typhoon

These Moments That Matter

This sort of post needs to be shared as there are many more parents facing this as time goes on.



My son is autistic.  I have an autistic son. There, I’ve said it. But it’s going to be ok… Isn’t it?

It’s not been formally diagnosed yet and we have many more hoops still to jump through to get it confirmed but it’s all making sense. After three years of struggling to find a therapist, in our very first session, the week before Christmas, he was amazed we’d not had an Autism screening done. To him, even though he said he couldn’t say one hundred percent, there were lots of very strong indicators. Oh, great – Happy Christmas to us!!

So since that day, me and ‘The Wife’ have been trying to get our heads around it, trying to get used to the idea and see how this now changes everything.

In my heart I knew. I felt it.. Things weren’t adding up. He had elements of different types of…

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These Moments That Matter


Militarist conquerors
subjugated Korea’s peninsular
enslaving its people for
service on eastern coasts
they invaded across the
narrow sea. Some were
herded on to their conquerors’
ships surging southwards
invading other island nations.

Enemies captured some of
the conquerors’ ships, imprisoned
their sailors in far away
southern lands. Would be
escaper uniformed sailors
remained locked up. But
thin gaunt slaves in coolie
rags now had adequate food,
shelter, clothing. Work parties
with a single guard daily
laboured on farms short
of wartime manpower.

At war’s end they were
to a liberated homeland
wrecked by forty years’
militarist occupation.

Previously posted November 2016.


Suppose They Held A War … And Nobody Came …

Korea’s little peninsula home
at last free of invaders, found
its northernmost regional dictator
propelled southwards by its giant
northern ice bound neighbour
to conquer the whole peninsula.

Now Koreans fought Koreans.
From across the ocean another
giant nation aided the south
on jagged battle fronts snaking
to and fro, up and down this
tiny gangway to the east.

After a truce three years
later the south waited but
the north never returned
either to fire shots
or sign a peace treaty.

… a truce still in limbo.

Sometimes the north fires
deadly fusillades then
retreats like children
ringing a doorbell …
running away.

With military bases
supported by friendly
nations the south
continues its daily life …

They all continue to wait …

The war between North and South Korea lasted from 1950 to 1953.
After a truce in 1953 the North never returned to the battle front.
It is generally believed that they and their backers, the communists in
Russia and China, had run out of necessary arms, food, and overall resources
to continue fighting the South which still is backed by the USA and its allies.

Previously posted October 2016.

Suppose They Held A War … And Nobody Came …


After forty years of the
militarist regime’s occupation
the foreign soldiers banished
the invaders back to their
island home on 15 August 1945
releasing Korea from slavery.

This slave population had been
used in the enslavement of the
densely populated eastern
coast of the continent
across the narrow sea.

Over seven decades
three racially akin
countries toiled to
recover from years
of occupying and

Young Koreans commemorate
that August day then go on
package holiday tours
to the island home of their
previous warring invader.

Each Wednesday lunchtime
former girl sex slaves now
in the winter of their lives
circle in front of a lone
Seoul embassy reminding
their erstwhile conquerors
of their brutal enforcement
into premature tortured

Previously posted October 2016


Korean Kindergarten Bus

Excited three and four year
olds wait with mothers or
grannies or  aunties at gateways
to apartment complexes and
apartment block front doors as
Mr Lee drives the bus around
local suburbs to pick them up
for their classes at the English
kindergarten. Mrs Park and
the other children greet each
child as they step on to the bus.

They are excited to have American
names for the kindergarten, names
like Jodie, Henry, Jessica, Gavin,
which their parents chose from
principal Mrs Kim’s book of
American names – so grown up !

Their uniform Academy school bags
hold their jackets, their spoons
and chopsticks for hot school lunch,
and little trays with compartments
for soup, rice, pickle, fish or meat.

Mr Lee stops to pick up
Mrs Jenny  walking from the bank
to school – they greet her too.

School at last and they all
scramble off the bus to meet
Mr David and Mrs Carol
at the front door.

Previously posted October 2016

Korean Kindergarten Bus