Eye Sight

A century ago when deteriorating
eye sight stopped a worker earning
no one could help. A pittance had
to be earned in a job elsewhere.

Grandpa standing over the huge
printing presses had his face in
their fumes all day, went blind
with a pregnant wife and four
young children at home to feed,
clothe and house on no pay.

They moved to a tiny cottage where
Grandma took in tailoring work
when able, supported the family
till two years later when Grandpa’s
sight cleared a little. He took an
outdoor job as recommended
reading gas meters on a low
income until he retired.

Grandma kept supporting them
with tailoring work but Aunty
Frances’ tailoring skills ceased to
serve her as her sight failed. She
supported herself and her mother
growing violets for the city markets.

A cold hard world for the disabled.

Eye Sight

6 thoughts on “Eye Sight

    1. Yes it was horrible. Many of the immigrants from the UK and Europe were seeking a better life here and not all of them found it. I used to get our Genealogical society magazine and read some sad stories. eg Scandinavian “workhouses”, or their equivalent, used to pay the fares of inmates and families to NZ so that they never had to pay any more for their upkeep. Huge pressure was put on those immigrants.

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