Mummy and Daddy with
two little girls, baby
brother and a baby
paraphernalia mountain
crammed themselves with
bags of food and clothes
into their seven seater van
to visit the cousins with
two little boys in the
mighty megalopolis.

The city cousins sneered
at this van in their
driveway, said only people
in unsalubrious  southern
suburbs drove such
low class vehicles.

Auntie Jo carries shopping
in her trundler, having no
car in her retirement
after three redundancies.
Grandpa in new late
model car, retired after
thirty odd years in one
workplace , is most scornful
of her trundler as his chic
car purrs around town.

Mummy and Daddy would
rather pay the mortgage,
feed and clothe mushrooming
baby brother than buy latest
trends stylish appearance.
Auntie Jo would rather buy
a comfortable life than a
four wheeled shopping basket.


17 thoughts on “Vehicles

    1. Hi Joanna. It is not possible to get individual email notifications sent on (hosted) blogs, like mine, only on (self hosted) blogs. They require a special plug-in. You can enable the email notification of posts of all the blogs you follow in addition to notifications on the right hand side bar. To do that you click on the “profile” button at the top right hand corner of the “reader” page. Then click on “notifications” in the left hand side bar, click “browser notifications”, click “Enable”. I hope this works for you. I thought your blue jay poems were interesting and well written.


  1. Thank you so much for your interest. My website is a freebie one as after a ho -hum start to blogging on Tumblr, I did not want to pay out for one here unless it proved worthwhile. Currently my website is ” ” . I post three mornings a week New Zealand time, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. In a few weeks I will start posting on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays. I have been thinking recently that I should look into setting up a proper website as I have now posted over 100 posts and am still going strong. I will make inquiries when I can get on to it. Once again thank you for your interest. I find your writing really interesting too.


  2. While it is little of my business? I would comment that you have here all the tools you need on for a “proper website”. Because I cannot read your mind. The desired outcome may be something different, from my perception? Everything and some more can be achieved using the dotcom version of wordpress. If you wish to know how? Try taking the blogging 101 course offered by them? Personally I prefer the “classic” dashboard view. I find it simpler to understand what one is doing.

    The thing that is important overall, is your content. The content, is very good, from my POV. I kind of enjoy the simplistic minimalist look that is here. It makes the words and poetry stand out. By having no “look” is actually a quite good one.
    Cheers Jamie … Ohh and the poem was very evocative.
    ~”into their seven seater van
    to visit the cousins with
    two little boys in the
    mighty megalopolis”.
    Cheers J.


    1. Thanks for your considered reply Jamie. After receiving Joanna’s comment I wondered about finding out how to set up a system of making notifications available when I post each new piece of writing. I have asked this question on the forum recently and have yet to receive a reply. I would also like to put the “lifecameos” name on the website heading, if possible. I have asked about that too. Otherwise I agree with you that the minimalist look works best, especially for poetry. I had this shown to me rather graphically a while ago when someone reblogged one of my poems with a picture they chose, which to me did not relate to my intentions in the poem. I have searched for pictures for my own poems for lengthy periods a while back, and decided that it was not helpful. Occasionally i have used my own photos, when they relate to the subject of the poem, but on the whole I too believe the “minimalist look ‘ is most effective.

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  3. Hi lifecameos, To receive notification of your posts. Is quite easy for users of wordpress dot com. You click on Follow. Found on each post when one scrolls up from the bottom. To see, if you are following the same box will tell you following. As well, the top right-hand side at the top pf the page should have the stylized W for wordpress and it should also say “My Sites” Clicking it will show all the sites subscribed to, in the menu.

    To change your header, for the blog. Go to the dashboard. At the top it might say switch to classic view? There is usually a line there. Also they’re selling their stuff, etc. Alternatively, do a google search on how to do it? There’s plenty of help available.

    Using the dashboard in classic mode. At the left-hand side, at the bottom of the column a person can find the Settings tab. Hovering the mouse over “Settings”, will see a pull out menu drawer. The first item there is, “General”. Click that and then the first line of that editor is your blog title. Just change the title. Remember to click “save changes” at the bottom of that page. That’s it. I am not associated with WP. So I hope this helps. Cheers Jamie.

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    1. Thanks Jamie. I hadn’t thought of google search, and it was quite helpful. I have now changed the title of my blog, and found out the single individual email notifications can’t be done on hosted blogs, well certainly not on a basic one like mine which can not support the special plug in required. We can only enable the email notification of all posts by blogs being followed. Incidentally I disabled that on mine because double notification of all posts was quite unnecessary and reading masses of emails was most infuriating. My next project some time will be to google how to upload desirable photos from the internet. Some do, but some don’t, I have discovered. But don’t worry, I will use them sparingly. Thanks once again. Glenys.

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  4. Glenys, To upload graphics use the Media link on Dashboard. I use Dropbox. With a folder I call Photos. You find the graphic, then left click to “save”. You will be asked where to save it? I usually save it to that folder. Then when you open the “Media” link. The dropbox folder can easily be found.

    Slowly build up your WP library of graphics. That’s my method. If you are a photographer? You can use your own images. I usually link my images to the page I found them, if they are on someone’s page. For I respect copyright. Cheers Jamie. BTW the header looks quite spiffy. Although there was, a certain charm to the previous one. … J.

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