Shopping Trundler

The shopping trundler
has a sturdy frame
with wheels which
squeak unrhythmically
under very heavy loads.
This stolid pack horse
had made many trips
home from the supermarket
with its fit and healthy driver.

The rubberised backing on
the trundler’s bag is cracking
where it sags around the jagged
corners of the bulky loads
it trails home so frequently
behind its energetic driver,
transporting them as efficiently
as a four wheeled vehicle.

One passerby at the bus stop
said that the trundler is
an old lady’s bag. What
does it matter when it
makes the weight of six
shopping bags so light ?

Shopping Trundler

6 thoughts on “Shopping Trundler

      1. I found one being auctioned in England. They want at least 7,000 – 10,000 Pounds for it, if I’m reading it right. Forty-seven years old, kept in perfect shape, with only 190 miles on it. Yowza. He bought if for 665 Pounds. That’s quite a bit of difference. 🙂

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      2. Mum’s was wicker one made at the Blind Institute Workshop. I wonder if she would have got anything for that ? I don’t think my modern day one woud go for anything fancy.


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