Sprawling Monster

As children we drove to visit
family in our little city and
nearby scattered villages.
Crossing farmland we visited
great aunts at the forest’s edge
near our city’s southern harbour.
We crossed the northern harbour
by car ferry visiting friends
on farms, family at beaches
further north, camping in tents
and caravans by the shore.

Until the juggernaut of change
bridged the long inlet of our
northern harbour sending out
broad arterial routes northwards,
subdivisions swallowing farmland
beach cottages, camping grounds.
A new bridge over our southern
harbour’s inlets sent arterial
routes southwards as mushrooming
subdivisions and town centres
swallowed farmland, villages.

Vast throngs flocked from round
the country, from overseas, to
fill apartments blocks, subdivisions.
Businesses, office blocks, shopping
malls, apartments, condos soar
skywards as in endless canyons.
Vehicles belching smoking fumes
clog up the widening roads.

Our little city is now buried
under this sprawling monster.

Previously posted October 2017.

Sprawling Monster

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