Swinging Seventies

She left her parents’ home
for a room in a huge old
house shared with other
young people her own age.

A house visited by many young
people, cheerful, lively, outgoing
always making things happen.

A young man strongly drawn
to her visited often,taking her
out, at last taking her quietly
to her room one night, and
again on New Year’s Eve.

Pregnant at twenty one.
Upset, confused, no pregnant
friends to help her. He was a
nice boy but she did not want
to marry him, or anyone else
at all for a while yet.

Her parents were shocked, angry.
Her sister and brother, friends
rallied around, organised a
small reception to follow
abruptly planned nuptials.

Suddenly there she was at
twenty one with a young man
in a one bedroom flat with an
unintended baby on the way.

Swinging Seventies