Eldest For A Day

After the seven year old’s
all important birthday she
flew with Dad to the vast
mega city for their cousin’s
all important eighth birthday.

Now the five year old was the
eldest at home helping look
after baby brother, having long
satisfying chats with Mum.

At afternoon tea time she said
“I’ll get it !” She brought
the little stool to the bench
spread avocado on rice cakes,
cut apples in pieces, filled
glasses with water, took it
all to the table for a feast.

Later in the bath Mum held
baby brother upright while the
five year old sang to him
“Five little ducks…” while
moving the plastic ducks around.
Baby brother splashed his hands
up and down, crowed happily.

Eldest for a day. A happy
time for the five year old.

Eldest For A Day