A Puzzle

As the world settled down after
World War II our family attended
church on Sundays as did other
families except Dad stayed home
like many other Dads who had
been away to war. He said he had
too much church in his childhood.

At our school down the road
children asked why we did not
go to the nearby Anglican church
or the nearer Presbyterian church
instead of a Presbyterian church
still further away where Dad had
to drive us there and back.

Mum grew up Anglican, said the
wife went to her husband’s church.
But why the one so far away ?

On my twenty first birthday I
learned Dad had divorced his
first wife during world War II.

My conventional correct mother
could not take communion in her
childhood Anglican church.
The strict nearest Presbyterian
church frowned on divorce.
At our Presbyterian church Dad’s
uncle was an elder, the minister
Dad’s naval chaplain in the war.

So our church was not chosen
for beliefs and teachings but
for its acceptance of divorcees.


A Puzzle