Our tiny archipelago isolated in
a vast blue ocean hosts hordes of
seals usually on remote coastal
rocks but sometimes joining
their fellow mammals on land.

A young fur seal swam into the
bay by our capital’s airport
at 2 am then crossed the main
road to the fire station. In
daylight he was discovered
staring at traffic streaming past.
Police and conservation staff
steered him over the road, on
to the beach. He returned a few
times, but finally swam south.

An elephant seal crossed a beach
on to a farm, enamoured of its
dairy cows. Those feisty beasts
complained loudly to their farmer
who rang the authorities. Their
resulting policeman reported “He
brings a whole new meaning to
the word “halitosis !” ”  Poor cows !
Conservation staff tracked down
an extra strong elephant proof electric
fence which foiled the unwanted
suitor who finally swam away.

A young leopard seal swam into our
largest yachting marina. She butts
dinghies, wreck fenders, then plays
with them, annoys boat owners.
Conservation staff won’t move her.
Boat owners want her gone.