For three years the twelve
year old has closely focused
on horses, on riding lessons
every Monday after school.

As soon as her scooter delivers
her home she cleans last week’s
mud off her riding boots changes
into riding clothes, finds her helmet
jacket, box of afternoon tea.

When Mum returns with the
other two from school she is
ready to be driven across town
to the horse school paddocks.

The bedroom she shares with
her sister has posters from her
monthly “Horses” magazines over
much of the walls but a little
space has been spared for her
sister’s school awards, certificates.

Under the windows the long
bookshelf has a vast number
of pony club stories, beautiful
horse books which she joyfully
reads and re-reads.

Money is requested for birthday
presents to be spent replacing
riding clothes which her bean
pole figure keeps growing out of.
Also more books about adventures
with ponies and horses.