Five Feisty Tuis

Five feisty tuis
iridescent cousins of
ferocious blackbirds;
territorial warriors guarding
prolific nectar laden trees
golden kowhai blooms
scarlet eucalyptus spikes.

Five feisty tuis
elegant parson birds
knots of white feathers
curling at their throats
arrive at the untenanted
kowhai tree No trilling
bell like courting songs now.

Five feisty tuis
streak into the kowhai’s
heart claiming every luscious
nectar laden flower for
their own. Loud raucous
shrieks fill the air.
Speeding beating wings
dart through heavily
laden branches vicious
beaks cruelly stabbing.

One by one the victor
forces them to flee.

Triumphantly he struts
poses on a high branch,
trilling, wooing his beautiful
female to set up a nest.

Five Feisty Tuis