Mum felt better looking
at her tidy trimmed hair
reflection in the mirror.

The hairdresser pointed out
little brother’s thick curly thatch
would soon be hard to trim.

Brushing little brother’s hair
caused loud screaming sessions
but Mum still loved those curls.

Reluctantly she plucked little
brother from the salon’s toy
corner, placed him on the
special children’s cushion
on the hair salon chair.

But active energetic little
brother would not sit still
on the cushion so they stood
at the street window to watch
the cars go by. The hairdresser
snipped here and there as his
head turned from side to side.

At last the job was done
the thatch of curls scooped off
the floor into a plastic bag.

Mum went soberly home with
a cheery little brother and
a bag of discarded curls.