Supermarket Displays

My blood tests said diabetes
so at diabetes classes
I learn to be diabetic in
a healthy kind of way.

The dietitian talked us
through her power point
presentation then took us
to the supermarket to see
food labels and content
around the aisles and shelves.

Inside the entry door we
immediately encountered the
mighty bargain display of
chocolate eggs and rabbits
surrounding us in towers.

“Get used to it,” said the
dietitian, “there’s another month
to go, of grand displays of
chocolate, tasty hot cross
buns.” These are diabetic
enemies, full of sugar, fats,
and starch – of which we
diabetics can consume so little.

Thus it has continued each time
I shop for food. Prominent
displays of popular foods of
fizzy drinks, pineapple centred
mallow puffs, instant coffee
sachets with milk and sugar
added …… on and on it goes.

I rarely bought much of these
but still the choice was mine.

Now I am excluded.

Previously posted April 2017.

Supermarket Displays