Little brother is three years old
officially a big boy now that a place
has opened up for him at kindergarten
after several months wait. His sisters
are in years four and five at school
he has not yet caught up with them
in spite of all his efforts.

He proudly showed around Nana
Grandpa Auntie Jo when they visited.
The tree shaded playing area, the slide
and climbing frame, the rabbits’ house
and enclosure, the guinea pig in his
little yard staring at them all, and the
hens which have to be shut in their
run when the children are eating –
hens like to eat children’s lunches.

Then inside to the painting area,
the cooking corner, the building blocks.
Into the room with the children’s
progress files each stored in a kete*
hanging on the wall with the child’s
photo on the front. Little brother
is excited about his kete.

His sisters came to the fence between
school and kindergarten on his first
day to his great joy. A teacher
opened the gate to let them in, then
took a photo of all tree of them
which is now in the file in his kete.

Then he ran to the building blocks
while the girls returned to class.

“kete” – Maori kit bag woven from
dried split leaves of “phormium”
or New Zealand flax.