Sliding Doors

My little flat built over
forty years ago has three
sliding doors where swinging
hinged doors would take up
far more room to pass.

Over two years ago a mighty
earthquake shook us all
violently, my sliding doors
were shaken side to side which
their makers never intended.

A little later the kitchen door’s
metal fitting, intended to slide
along its rail, were rattled loose
the screws loosened in the door.
With fittings clunking awkwardly
the door sank into the carpet.

A helpful builder took apart
pelmet, door, fittings, then
reassembled them so now
that door slides easily.

The bathroom door now wants
its spotlight. On a different
angle from the kitchen door it
has taken longer to come apart.
I know its clunking is ominous.
Mr Builder please come back !

Sliding doors are money grubbers !

Sliding Doors