The Bedroom

In traditional sibling fashion the
ten year old and eight year old
share a bedroom, both as great
mates and loudly sworn enemies.

Usually the eight year old is dead to
world as the light goes out, while the
ten year old’s night owl metabolism
lies awake awhile. But when both
are awake on holiday nights they
talk deeply at great length.

At other times quarrels erupt, one
looks sideways at the other who
bursts into tears. Judgement is
demanded from baffled parents.

The very tidy  ten year old folds
clothes neatly, putting them away
carefully in their correct drawers.
The eight year old with poor reflexes,
unco-ordinations, limited peripheral
vision creates mayhem, scattering
many clothes, hairbrushes, ribbons,
combs, toys all over the room
except on the ten year old’s bed.

Both collect soft toys on their beds
until Dad stands over them insisting
on only five toys per bed, the
rest must go to the playroom.

The bedroom : a microcosm of
their relationship.

The Bedroom