Clockswoggled !

In our southern hemisphere’s
cool dark seasons I read
during the evenings varied
WordPress blogs of differing
topics styles presentations.

At 11pm I closed down
to go to bed for the night.

When our southern clocks went
forward an hour in spring all
was jiggled around so I caught
my breath, adjusted, continued
to bed at 11 pm but had to read
some favourite blogs next day.

I settled into reading these blogs
at new times until a vast north
continent moved its clocks
for winter then my favourite
blogs’ times changed again !

As my feet touched ground
again the other northern
continent jolted its clocks
tipped up its times, so now
I read my blogs all posting
at strange new times again.

I still close down at 11 pm
to go to bed for the night.

Clockswoggled !