The School Run

Is it time to pick up the girls
from school ? time to park on the
school road ? Wait for themĀ  to
swerve out of the river of children
streaming along the footpath, climb
into the car ? to little brother’s joy ?

Each afternoon little brother is
so excited waiting to go to
school, getting under Mum’s feet,
urging her on as she gets ready
to leave. He eagerly climbs into
his car seat to be buckled in.

They drive down the hill, weave
through road islands, road lanes
and arrows across the busy highway
that streams with traffic
cutting between home and school.
On down the side streets to wait
in the road near the school.

Once the girls are buckled into
their car seats its off home for
much needed afternoon tea
before carrying on to dancing
and swimming lessons, horse
riding classes. High points of
the busy school girl’s day.

The School Run