“Mum’s talking again !” said the
nine year old staring at Mum by
the carport talking to Dad’s assistant.

“That’s what you do,” said Auntie
Jo. “You talk to the people you pay
to work for you, you say goodbye
when they go at the end of the day.

“Mum’s always talking,” the nine
year old continued. “She talks to
other parents out the car window
and makes us late for school !”

“It’s good for the school’s parents
to network with each other,”
replied Auntie Jo. “They let each
other know what is happening.”

Previously Mum had told Auntie
Jo she had dropped both girls at
the gate with time to reach their
classrooms before the bell.

The eight year old was marked
as present on time that day.
The nine year old stopped to
complain at her mother. She
was marked as late that day.

Maybe the nine year old’s
children will say the same
about her one day in the future.