A Feisty Child

An unborn child has already
thumbed its nose at
political convention after
its prime ministerial parents’
long struggle to conceive.

In the uproar of a
helter skelter election
campaign this child began
its existence, continuing
its mother’s severe morning
sickness through lengthy
coalition negotiations.

Soon this feisty infant will
join two other tiny Labour
party parliamentary infants
in parliament’s baby room
and debating chamber
when visiting Mum with
stay at home Dad.

All hearing eagle eyed
journalists saw nothing
of the severe morning
sickness from election
climax to Christmas.

Iron willed mother and,
child carry on regardless.

Footnote: In June 2018, all going well, our prime minister Jacinda Ardern, will give birth to her first child who was probably conceived sometime around the extraordinary build up to New Zealand’s extraordinary election on 20 September 2018. 

Ms Ardern unexpectedly became the Labour party’s leader on 1st August 2017 and at once ceased all attempts to become pregnant after a long time trying.  Her baby ignored this.

New Zealand has had parliamentary babies with their MP mothers since the 1980’s.  There were doom sayers predicting problems but babies have continued in our parliament.

When the current Labour government took office last October, two young babies entered parliament with their MP mothers. Soon a third will join them. 





































A Feisty Child