Poemness Of Poetry

The poemness of poetry
is an indescribable thing
analysed and pondered deeply
by academics,students,
by earnest working people
trying to write at nights
or on their days off work.

Laws and judgements
considered or intense
are laid down but
reach no final consensus
on what is or is not poetry.

The poemness of poets
is difficult to describe,
though commonly tried
by poets and by experts
real or self designated.
Is it inner angst ?
Or despairing lovelorn loss?
Is it fascinating detail
in everyday moments ?
Is it times of intense feeling ?
– or just being ?

Word sounds ?  Word lists ?
Word patterns ? Do they make
poetry ? Or clever vocabulary ?
Similes or metaphors ?
How do you express
the nebulous mass
in finite alphabet letters
in finite dictionary words ?

Until the poem has been written
you can not start to tell
which is poem or
who is poet.

First posted 27 March 2016.

Poemness Of Poetry