Busy Roads

In my paid employment
days I drove my vehicle
rapidly round town from
home to workplace to
supermarket to mall
to bank to vet with snuffly
rats then home again.

As I rushed around town
limited to roads – which other
cars used too ! – in front of
me these incidental nuisance
called pedestrians crossed
the road in front of me,
halting me by law ! When
I had so much to do !

As a pedestrian retiree
living simply on my pension
I walk to our shops,
walk around town when
disembarked from the bus.
Handy pedestrian crossings
aren’t always where I need
to cross the busy roads.

I wait for cars to let
me cross but often wait
in vain. So I step out
briskly through handy
gaps to cross the road.
Cars whizz past me at
supermarket entrances as
I sidestep along the kerb.

On our roads I am
without a car.

Previously posted September 2016.

Busy Roads