Our baby brother screamed
and screamed last night.

Daddy said his tummy
is still settling
he is only three weeks
old. His tummy is rock
solid and very sore.

Claire kept coughing
and going to see Daddy.
Mummy said she caught
the virus because she
is still new at school.

The baby keeps sleeping
when he’s feeding today and
has to feed again later.
Mummy brought the washing
in but it is still in piles
around the living room.

Daddy came home and went
to start our bath but Chloe
was most upset at not finishing
her homework, so he heard
us read, checked her maths.
then he ran our bath.

Mummy started cooking dinner
but the baby cried again.
Daddy put dinner out
after our bath, but we
didn’t talk at dinner
like we usually do.

Mummy is sure we will all
sleep much more tonight.
We are nearly asleep already
at the dinner table.

Previously posted April 2016.