New System

Our large medical centre is
coming to terms with its new
computer system which has tossed
up a large team of health
professionals and administrators
all spinning in the air, all coming
down again in a jumbled heap.

One third of patients are registered
on the patients’ website,  the other
two thirds are overloading
the centre’s telephone system.

Prescription repeats are now done by
nurses upstairs as a recalcitrant
system bats them around for days
then releases them to the pharmacy.

Patients’ invoices from doctors and
nurses creep slowly to reception as
staff and patients drum fingers
on counters before snaking queues.

This morning the doctor had to
dictate to his computer our initial
and final discussions. He stood
looking straight at his computer
clearly enunciated careful sentences,
looked a query at me. I nodded
encouragement. Seeing his words
on screen made his happy again.

But he still seems suspicious
of his centre’s new system.

New System