Genetic Implosions

They met in their thirties
after singleness led to more
singleness and childlessness.
They looked forward to raising
children in a family they
created for themselves.

At last they had each other
marriage and a home together.
Two children arrived before
their parents turned forty
another slipped in just after.

A thriving family culture
burgeoned with visits, cards,
phone calls, skyping, texts
and emails with uncles, aunts
brothers, sisters, cousins, with
grandparents living nearby.

Genetics now threw forth its
ticking time bombs in children’s
genetic problems. As these were
faced head on, new health
time bombs confronted the
older generation debilitating
grandparents in their sixties,
in their seventies.

The new human longer life
is erratic in its well being.

Previously posted July 2017.

Genetic Implosions