Lock Down

In the nation’s lock down we
all stayed home, only allowed out
to doctor, pharmacy, supermarket.
Dad could not go to work but wage
assistance was stretched to feed
children with serious food intolerances
needing strange unusual foods.

To vent his frustrations Dad cleared
the fence line jungles into a huge
heap for the composting plant.
Dad and Mum covered the trenches
taking electricity internet to Dad’s
office, now at the back fence.
They levelled the lawn, moved excess
soil to a heap beside the office then
sowed grass seed on the bare soil.

They stood back, admired the newly
sown levelled patches, saw Little
Brother busy at the excess soil pile.

He pushed cars and trucks up the
pile, across the top down the sides
through newly dug tunnels.

Mum and Dad daren’t move the
dirt pile. Little Brother is loudly
vocal on matters close to his heart.
He urges visitors to view his dirt
pile – no refusals accepted !

His once beloved sand pit lies ignored.

Lock Down