“Tainted Love”

Little brother on his little Daisy
Duck stool at the kitchen’s corner
bench bopped happily to the
rhythms of Mum’s play list
resounding from her cell phone.

“Watching “Tainted Love” !”
he cheerily told Auntie Jo as
she passed through with a
heavily laden laundry basket.

“What !” called Mum from the
far bench, still slicing vegetables.
She wanted to listen to her play
list on her phone which showed
the video of each song playing.

Busy as she was she did not see
little brother watching videos
she thought unsuitable for a
lively three year old.

Quickly she lifted her phone to
its usual high cupboard shelf as
little brother still bopped along to
the beat on his Daisy Duck stool.

“Tainted Love”