Under Father’s Roof

Under her father’s roof the woman
grew up early in the century, going
only to church, to school, to his
mother’s house, then stayed home with
her own mother for fourteen years until
his final illness forced her out to work.

The man too grew up early in the which

century with his mother staying
home. His sisters went to church,
to school, later to work, only leaving
their father’s roof after marriage.

The couple bore children after
world wide conflagration destroyed
the social order of their youth which
the parents constantly angrily mourned.

Outside their home, at school, university
and employment the children found
a new world, no more tirades of fear,
moved away from the razor wire
confines of their father’s roof.

In stunned disbelief the parents
saw their grown children leave
as soon as they earned a living.

Why would they do that ?

Previously posted February 2017.

Under Father’s Roof