Language shifts

At school our teachers taught
us how to speak our language
correctly with certain grammar,
word groupings, pronunciations.
At later tertiary classes we learnt
that language usages ebbed, flowed,
word groupings, pronunciations
grammar changed. We were
dismissive of older people who
complained of all the changes.

Now in retirement I find myself
repelled by some practices today.

“Bored of  ?!?  For goodness sake !
“Bored with ” is easier to hear.

“Different than ” ?!?  Really ?
“Different from ”  makes some sense.

Mischief” gives us “mischievous”
pronounced “miss-chi-vous”.
Why say “miss-chee-vee-ous” ?

“Secateurs’ is a French word
we learn in class at school.
Allowing for Anglo Saxon accents
it becomes “seck-a-ters“.
Why now “seck-a-teers” ?

Myself ?  Myself? whatever
happened to “me” and “I” ?

I can still understand the
English spoken around me.
But how long will it last ?

Language shifts