Korean Kindergarten Bus

Excited three and four year
olds wait with mothers or
grannies or aunties at gateways
to apartment complexes and
apartment block front doors as
Mr Lee drives the bus around
local suburbs to pick them up
for their classes at the English
kindergarten. Mrs Park and
the other children greet each
child as they step on the bus.

They are excited to have American
names for kindergarten, names
like Jodie, Henry, Jessica, Gavin
which their parents chose from
principal Mrs Kim’s book of
American names – so grown up !

Their uniform Academy school bags
hold their jackets, their spoons
and chopsticks for hot school lunch,
and little trays with compartments
for soup, rice, pickles, fish or meat.

Mr Lee stops to pick up
Mrs Jenny walking from the bank
to school – they greet her too.

School at last and they all
scramble off the bus to meet
Mr David and Mrs Carol
at the front door.

Korean Kindergarten Bus