Action Man

Little Brother follows Dad in
the garden at weekends as he
mows lawns trims shrubs hedges
fills the trailer with clippings
takes it to the tip to empty it,
assisted by Little Brother.

At kindergarten he was first to
get his tools to help the teacher
move the compost heap, spread it out.
Last to put his tools away.
He might be tired tonight the
teacher warned Mum at home time.

Ay home he dug, shaped, sand in
the sandpit, made roads for trucks.
Until he found his dirt pile during
the pandemic lock down, a source
of constant excitement.

Three days a week he goes to
kindergarten which has no dirt pile.
Its spacious sandpit satisfies him
there. He dug a vast river , he says
it is our river, and built a pirate
island for his river to flow around.
He told his sisters he carried the
bucket slowly each time to
take water to his river.

Little Brother sleeps soundly at
night even if her rolls out of bed.

Action Man