Tourist Resort

At the busy resort
with its sandy beach they
dined on crayfish, abalone.
Drowsy after sea breezes
and seafood feasts they
then slept dreamlessly.

Amidst loud roars, bangs,
jolts their motel rocked
to and fro, side to side
up and down, on and on.
They pulled on jackets, fell
blearily outside, away from
buildings, lay down on grassy
spaces throughout the ground
shaking night until dawn.

Grim news after dawn told
of shattered buildings, landslides
over roads, wrecked water
mains and sewers, no electricity,
phone connections all down.
Their holiday was frozen in time.

Now gale force winds for
two days lashed the sea
and mountains around them.

Previously posted December 2016.

Tourist Resort