Not By Land

Now the shrieking gale
force winds have eased
now the swirling peaks of
mountainous seas have
dropped, imprisoned travellers
gradually leave the seaside
town  immured within
its vast rocky landslides.

Helicopters lift off from
sports fields with groups
from long straggling queues
flying to the city down south.

Naval ships anchor out at
sea beyond the perilously
raised rocky seabed.
Small shallow draft boats
ferry food water portaloos
road repair and building supplies
to shore, ferry travellers
back to fill up ships’ cargo
holds for the journey
to the city down south.

Tears flow of exhaustion fear
sleeplessness anxiety, yet
thankful to leave the constant
aftershocks, the shortages,
relieved to travel to a city
where life flows on in its
accustomed routines.

Previously posted December 2016

Not By Land