Feline Mobility Scooter

Two Christmases ago the ginger
tabby fell off the garage roof.
Long expensive veterinary
treatment gave him a little
movement in back legs and
tail but not enough to walk.

His family supported him all they
could, responding to plaintive meows,
carrying him to food bowls, outside
for toilet, inside putting on premature
baby nappies, cleaning him up, putting
him in his low to the floor bed.

But the ginger tabby was still young,
wanting to be active, so the family’s
Dad went to colleagues at the city’s
Polytechnic Institute’s technical
department, requested wheels for the
for the crippled feline, a mobility scooter.

Now when his watchful family are
at home he whizzes around house
and garden, meows loudly at their
feet when ready to sleep in his
floor level well padded basket.

He enjoys human contact, allows his
humans to handle and help him.

His black house mate, a driven hunter,
would never allow this handling.


Feline Mobility Scooter