Our property market in our
mega metro cities soared with
houses there fetching unheard
of high prices. It all seemed so
strange, remote from our little
provincial city as we saw it all
on TV and newspaper reports.

These changes in the property
market spread to other cities.
key cities in businesses to port
networks. Their house prices
climbed too, again out of reach
of first home buyers. Now
investors are buying these homes.

Even so we are surprised to
find that nice little house on our
nice little street, so ordinary,
was put up for sale at a very
high price.  My cousin was told by
her son to bid low, the agent said
the market was competitive. She
bid $15,000 above that price.

But that offer was beaten by a yet
higher bid – how much we wonder ?

My cousin will not be moving
into my street. She still bids
against other buyers for the few
houses for sale in our city.