Hospital List

The internal procedure to check if
I had inherited a major flaw from
my parents’ genes was one at a
private hospital  where I paid for it all.

As both my grandparents and a grandmother
all had this serious condition I was
at high risk of developing this life
threatening medical condition
said the medical world.

As I had no symptoms yet I was
not eligible for free treatment
said the national health system.

By the time the symptoms arrive
this condition is at the terminal stage.

The specialist said the internal
procedure showed me to be at a
risk level so high that I was
accepted for the public free list
for the next procedure which should
e done in twelve months time.

Yesterday I checked the date for
that free procedure, It will be three
months later than recommended
by the specialist, subject of course
to the usual system delays.

To have the procedure done within
the twelve month period I will have
to pay at the private hospital again.

Hospital List