Lakeside Resort

In student days and early
career days we holidayed with
flatmates and families around
our islands’ countryside.

Quiet friendly little Queenstown
on its southern lake shore sat
ringed by towering mountains
as families stayed in little
holiday cottages, or in tents
and caravans in the municipal
camping ground along the shore.

My friend’s family, enthralled,
bought a little section up the
hill for caravan, tent, boat,
then swam, boated, skied
each summer. They built a
little brick cottage there,
snow skied every winter.

On idyllic holidays there we
explored, visited, picnicked

That was long ago, for
Queenstown was “discovered”.
Amongst thronging tourists
hotels and shops cluster along
its lake, prices soar, the
camping ground is gone.

Lakeside Resort