Over the brae, up the glen,
along the shore, out to sea,
highlanders eked out
a living from stony soil
rocky beach, sea churned
round off shore islands, off
the vast heaving ocean.

Sparse whelks, hard won fish,
meagre taties, milk, offal and
minced meat from scrawny
cattle and sheep were barely
enough to sustain them.

Little went to the landowner
in return for tenancies and toil.
His bailiffs came to expunge
holdings held over generations.
His life was in the far south,
these people were nothing to him.

As everyone slept in the dead
of night bailiffs stormed the
tiny cottages, evicted all
occupants, drove them off the
estate, down the road, down
the coast from their homes.

At last they came to the mighty
port down the coast, crowded
into meagre rooms in
ramshackle tenements ……..

…….. this was their new home.