Heart Problems

Nana bought a house !
A huge step for her !

For twenty seven long years
around her present house she
built up her eco friendly garden
though she did little through the
last four years with heart trouble
as her heart problems constantly
stir up myriad other problems.
She has painted, papered over
the years, installed a dark dog
hair friendly carpet. The dog
has since died of old age.

She sees her health problems
will go on, she no longer has the
energy to organise gardeners,
tradesmen maintaining the house.

She seeks a small young house
easily cared for, with a tiny garden.
Dad guides her through this
strange new housing market.
Our little provincial city is
suddenly desirable as our mega
cities house prices soar.
Many people bid for each of
the few houses on the market.

Nana gets lucky, not sure why.
Now she must sell her long time home.

Heart Problems