Crash !

After doing my evening meal
dishes I leaned my fry pan
against my dish rack against
the bench splash back in my
tiny little kitchen. They would
finish their drying there.
With my head in the cupboard
I put more dishes away as
there came a very loud CRASH !

” _ _ _ _ !  _ _ _ _ !  _ _ _ _ ! ”

I exploded in shock !

As I set pan and rack upright
my neighbour rushed to my
back door having heard my
up roar through our open windows.

“Are you alright ?  Did you fall ?”
she anxiously asked.

Feeling most foolish I explained
the crash, that I had sworn
at fry pan and dish rack.

Then I thanked her profusely
for coming to check.

I am glad to have a neighbour
who comes to see if help is needed.

Crash !