Our Gardener

A gardener is contracted
to prune our little front hedge
to mow the front lawn, street
berm, to prune the shrubs of
the little front gardens along
the drive for the rented flats
but not mine, I don’t rent.

He keeps the front lawns and hedge
very tidy, ignores the little gardens.
Shrubs outside two bedroom
windows sprouted up large during
a wet summer after a wet winter
catching him by surprise after
summers of drought. Property
management said “Prune them !”

My neighbour in the next flat was
excited  when he arrived, being
often confined ill to her bed in a
dark gloomy room. She greeted
him effusively but he snarled at
her, did not want to prune her
shrub but was ordered to do so.

He sheared off its sides and top
straight up down across with
screaming electric trimmers.
He did the same to the other shrub.
Two tenants were stunned, aghast.

I don’t want to do our gardener’s
job, but to keep me and my
neighbours happy.  I now prune those
shrubs with secateurs and saw.

The gardener says nothing.

Our Gardener