Before World War I our Dad was
born sickly, retained little food.
“Arrh !”   said Uncle Jimmy
“they’ll never rear that one !”
He told the family often, Dad’s
siblings reminded him too,
baited him as he grew stronger
throughout his school days.

Lean and wiry, he survived
long weeks on naval rations for
six long years of World War II
……scant limited rations.

After war’s end he mostly ate
plain food, no sweets cakes or
biscuits, no ice cream or fruit.
Sometimes he craved fried foods,
On Friday nights out with his
mates he ate fish and chips,
pies and fritters, then made
long dire sounds in the toilet
at home,  late at night.

At 87 Dad wanted to tell
Uncle Jimmy he was still
alive, but Uncle Jimmy
had passed away at sixty
such a long time ago.

Some of Dad’s grandchildren
and great grandchildren have
serious dietary disturbances.
Was he lucky to survive ?