Family Tree Roots

Going to the kitchen one Sunday
morning I passed the TV  rolling
forth Orkney Island panoramas
near my ancestral home in the
uppermost corner of Scotland.
I got the urge to visit for
family history research.

As bidden by my aunt, the
family matriarch I wrote  to
her niece, my cousin, as well
as her brother, my uncle, though
my aunt and father were glad
this uncle lived 12,000 miles
away. They couldn’t stand him.

I duly wrote letters, went to
John O’Groats,Orkney Islands,
drove south to the uncle and his
wife. Luckily they were civil.

Now a big surprise came from
the cousin who was ecstatic to
meet antipodean family from
her birthplace. She, her brother
and sisters craved contact with
distant family, were desperate
to know their family roots
denied them for forty two years
by the older generation’s feud.

So the younger generation
reconnected our family links.

Family Tree Roots