With poor co-ordination and physical
skills in my school days I missed large
ball catches, aimed poorly, missed
catching and batting small balls out
on the field, failed gymnastics.

With relief I abandoned all that after
finishing school apart from brief
flirtations with badminton and
Scottish Country Dancing. I did
walk long distances to shops and
buses in my younger carless days.

My energetic middle aged gardening
years ceased when I became a telecom
operator working strange hours.
I went back to walking when my
back objected to hours of sitting.

Two years ago my senior body
faltered. Diabetes set in. The soles
of my feet went numb when cool
tingled when still. Not good.

So now I go to fitness class for one
hour every week, do half an hour of
exercises most other days. My feet
now behave normally – what relief !

Good for balance, ” said the doctor.
“The elderly get the greatest benefit
from exercise,” said the skin cancer
expert. What would he know ?