A New Demographic

In the sports and exercise centre
staff teach exercise, do massage
and therapy. We meet there each week.

Two young people with sports and
exercise degrees work with people
building up sports muscles, as well
as those with limited movement.
The man before ourĀ  groups leaves on
two walking poles, breathing heavily.

A young woman doing a master’s degree
teaches our group of women in their
seventies and eighties. We are her
dissertation project and pay a tiny
fee for her considerable knowledge.

We tell her about our medical
conditions, our high blood pressure,
diabetes, an irregular heart that
puts its owner in hospital, torso
and hip problems distorting posture.

She teaches us exercises to keep us
fit, lessen our physical problems.
She tests us on key exercise
every several weeks.

We oldie are a new demographic
in a new market as we age.

My diabetic feet are so improved
I am quite happy with this.

A New Demographic