Baa !! Baa !!

Dora weeded the flower bed
stretching down from the street.
close to their farmlet’s driveway.
Daisies and buttercups crept
through the grass on to the bed
full of colourful annuals, perennials
stealing the rich soil’s nutrients.

She worked rapidly twisting
soil loose with her little fork
dropping loosened weeds into
the waiting rubbish bag.

Baa baa !!  Baa baa !!
sounded close to her head.
She jolted back in surprise
looked up saw a ewe from the
paddock next to the drive, her
head pushed through the fence.

Baa baa !!  Baa baa !!
repeated the ewe loudly.
Dora stared at her, looked
around the paddock, puzzled …

… saw a small lamb with its
leg caught in the bars of the
far gate struggling to be free.

Dora climbed the fence,
crossed the paddock to the gate
freed the lamb from its trap.

It rushed to its mother who
turned to Dora”Baa baa !!”
then they turned to the far
end away from the gate.

Baa !! Baa !!